2017 National Summit for Courageous Conversation

Next Year's Summit 2017

10.14 - 10.18 Detroit, Michigan

Regional Summit

Throughout the year, PEG also hosts a series of Regional Summits that continue and localize the NSCC programming agenda. These two-day conferences offer outstanding training opportunities, including Beyond Diversity I and II, and give a small group of leaders opportunities for networking and hearing from prominent voices in our work. Engage with us in two days of equity learning, sharing, networking and support as we practice utilizing the Courageous Conversation Protocol to examine race in our personal, professional and organizational spaces.

2017 Regional Summits

Pennsylvania Regional Summit: June 20-21, 2017 at PaTTan in Harrisburg, PA (REGISTRATION) (MORE INFO)

Chicago Regional Summit: June 23-24, 2017 at Northwestern University in Chicago, IL (REGISTRATION) (MORE INFO)

Seattle Regional Summit: June 28-29, 2017 at Odle Middle School, in Bellevue, WA (REGISTRATION) (MORE INFO)

  • Beyond Diversity: An Introduction to Courageous Conversation & A Foundation for Deinstitutionalizing Racism and Eliminating Racial Disparities (2-day introductory seminar)
  • Beyond Diversity II: Advancing the Courageous Conversation and Defining Courageous Leadership in Education (2-day advanced seminar) Prerequisite: Beyond Diversity
  • Echoes of the Past, Voices of Today: An Indigenous Courageous Conversation (2-day seminar) Prerequisite: Beyond Diversity
  • Trust Me...Gay is Not the New Black, Brown, or Red for that Matter (2-day seminar) Prerequisite: Beyond Diversity
  • On the Move With CRT: Using Critical Race Theory to Develop Our Culturally Relevant Teaching (and Cultural Relevance) in the Midst of Racially Changing Student Populations (2-day seminar) Prerequisite: Beyond Diversity
  • My Brothers’ Keeper: A Courageous Transformation of the Plight of Black Males As We Journey Back to Love, Engagement and High Achievement. (2-day seminar) Prerequisite: Beyond Diversity

  • Lookout for email about upcoming Regional Summits in 2017!!