2017 National Summit for Courageous Conversation

Next Year's Summit 2017

10.14 - 10.18 Detroit, Michigan

Higher Ed

For the first time, racial equity leaders from higher education will gather at the NSCC to address the question, what role must colleges and universities play in dismantling racism in our society? In MORE Courageous Conversations About Race (2012) Glenn Singleton states….”For many years as a university administrator, I witnessed students become enmeshed and embroiled in unresolved interracial conflict because the institution failed to offer them a safe, authentic, and meaningful way to dialogue and act cross-racially. Lacking such structures and guidance, students generally cluster themselves into racially segregated groups or refuse to expose themselves to racial beliefs, values, and cultures other than their own. The result is that the vast majority of college/university students end up graduating with racial dispositions remarkably similar to those they held upon matriculation.”

With the exciting and groundbreaking 2016 launch of the first international Institute for Courageous Conversation at Unitec Institute for Technology in Auckland, New Zealand, Pacific Educational Group now hopes to partner with and inspire equity scholars from the most prominent and preeminent system of higher education in the world, to RISE UP!